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Monday, July 6, 2015


I mean, um, America. I couldn't really think of any other good title but I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July. There were obviously no fireworks here and we didn't really do much to celebrate it but the time is continuing to go by soo fast, I can hardly believe it!
President and Sister Rahlf were in America for a little while because Sister Rahlf had to have surgery but they made it back just in time for MLC this last Wednesday. They shared some great messages (our theme was on 'doing' and 'being') and as always, it was nice to see some friends from across the mission and have a nice meal. Another thing I find enjoyable about MLC is at the beginning of each meeting we usually talk and council about different concerns and other things throughout the mission and sometimes people start having mini-arguments about random stuff so I think that's pretty funny to watch.
This week we also had splits with the San Pedro elders and I worked with Elder Haacke in their area. I think that was the third time that I have split with Elder Haacke but he's a good friend of mine here in the zone so it was pretty solid and enjoyable....Normally at church, the average sacrament attendance is over 100 but yesterday it was sprinkling rain and that was enough to bring our numbers to below 60. Somewhat disappointing but on the bright side one of the people at church was Rose so I was excited to see her there.

Not much else to say for the week. Jeff wasn't at church yesterday. Most the other people that we've talked to haven't seemed all that interested and none of our investigators are really progressing at all but we just need to be patient and keep working hard. Earlier we had a zone activity (combined with the Cauayan Zone as well) at Magat Dam so I've got a few pics. Love you all, have a good one! 
Zone Pic

 We on a boat

Missin Utah Lake a bit haha!

'The Hanging Bridge'

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