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Monday, January 26, 2015

Another Cycle Down

Today we got the T-List and Elder Costacio will be transferring, but that is pretty much what we were expecting since we spent three months together and he has been here longer than I have. We've had a lot of fun in our companionship and I have seen him make a lot of improvements in becoming a better missionary in our time together. Anyways, this last week of ours was fairly busy. We went on splits twice:

On Tuesday after District Meeting, I worked with Elder Navarro in Lamut to help him to become comfortable in leading his area (because his tatay is transferring) and he did a good job of that. We also had a dinner appointment again at the 'American house' and Tatay Balubbal saw my nametag and said that he still remembered Dad so I thought that was pretty cool.
On Thursday, we had splits in Bagabag and I was with Elder Volpe again because I had a baptismal interview to do. We also had a combined FHE with the Lamut elders and it was with the Valdez family, which is actually the family of Nanay Esperanza (the 80 year old nanay who I interviewed for her baptism last month) so that was fun too. I kind of miss having four elders in the ward because this is my only area that it has been just two of us haha.

L to R: Elders Volpe, Me, Costacio, Saguire, Larona, Navarro

Saturday the SA had an activity and hiked to the falls so we joined them for that. We also attended the baptism in Solano (I apologize if all these names of places is confusing to keep up with but the baptism was for Jupelin-the one I interviewed-because they don't have a baptismal font in Bagabag.). 
Yesterday I wasn't given much preparation to do either but I talked in sacrament meeting and then I taught Sunday School because the guy who normally teaches wasn't there....And that basically sums up my week. Jarone came to church yesterday for the first time in a while which was good. His brother Khanejie has kind of lost interest in us teaching him but Jarone said he still wants to be baptized so hopefully he'll start coming to church more consistently.

Those falls tho (They looked cooler last time...)

So yeah, time is still flying. I don't feel like I'll be starting college in 7 months but I guess I must be because my parents have already started to e-mail me a lot lately about that kind of stuff hahaha. And President McArthur S/O to you for updating me with all the BYU info, now I just need to figure out what I am actually doing ha but anyways have a good week erryone. Wednesday I get a new companion so that's exciting. Love y'all. Peace out.

Final zone pic

Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey guys! Well this week has been kind of up and down for us-We taught more lessons and had more 'finding efforts' than we have had since I have been here in Villaverde. So that is good; The only problem is our investigators still haven't really been progressing and most the other people that we have talked to either say they already have a religion or they don't really seem interested...

But I know we just gotta keep trying and those blessings will come. I am often reminded of Jeffrey R. Holland's seminar to mission presidents (I may have shared this with you guys before but I don't remember) in which he basically said that we can't expect missionary work to be a walk in the park because things were never easy for Jesus Christ. So we must labor diligently with all our might because 'salvation is not a cheap experience.' 

So even though sometimes I feel we aren't having a lot of success, even though there are times that will be hard...I still am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary sharing this gospel and there's nothing else I'd rather be doing right now. I love you all. Thank you always for the support and prayers in my behalf. Have a nice week all!

A medium-sized chair 

Nametag pic: We took quite the hike to contact an inactive guy who we've never met BUT he wasn't home. But at least it made for a nice picture. That is our area from a rather long ways away!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Banaue Pics - Again

What's good?? I hope nobody is expecting an extravagant epistle from me for this week, because I can't think of anything to say right now haha. Sorrrryyy...Here is what I wrote in my LTP:
We had still been struggling a little bit in our finding but this week I have especially been trying to push myself to become a better finder. So we did better in that aspect but I think we can still become more effective because I have kind of felt by myself in my efforts to find and that my companion is kind of just watches me sometimes...But aside from that, Elder Costacio and I are doing great in our companionship and still getting along well. We haven't had much success with our investigators lately but our work in re-activating of less actives has been going really good and we had several who came to church yesterday.

We went to the Banaue rice terraces again last Monday except we went with our actual zone this time. So here are some more pics and we'll see if I have more to say next Monday ha. Have a great week!

 Rollin' in hot

We're gonna go hit up those rice terraces at my 11 o'clock

And this is where we ended up

Elder Costacio and Sister Akau

Local kids (Not sure how they survive but they live in huts like actually ON the rice terraces) were playing around in the mud. Pretty funny stuff but don't zoom in! :)

 Tryin' to look like a cool kid

Jeepney ride home. I think they're tired?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

I spent the whole year of 2014 in the Philippines and now it's over. WHOA! For New Year's Eve we stayed at our Zone Leaders' apartment and our night was spent playing countless games of Uno and we were also given permission to watch "Son of God". It was very...Hollywood, for sure, but I found it rather interesting and we had a lot of junk food so we enjoyed it. As the clock struck twelve we went outside to watch the fireworks and then finished the night with s'mores. New Year's Day was spent the same way as Christmas-Catching up on sleep we missed the previous night and hanging at a member's house.

New Year sup?

Other than that, I feel like I don't have a whole lot to say for the week. We ate the tacos that I got from the Christmas packages and we actually got ground beef this time instead of the tuna flakes that we've normally used the last few times so that was very good. I finished the Book of Mormon in Tagalog in last week so that felt pretty neat and was something that has been a good experience. The work in our area is still going alright but no investigators at church this week and still not a whole ton of success in finding new ones...

Tacos ftw

Anyways, I can't believe it's 2015 already and that I will be coming home this year but like I said last week: Remember Lot's wife! (Luke 17:32). Don't look back and let's make this a year of prosperity and joy. Happy 2015 to all and to all a good night. And year.