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Monday, January 12, 2015

Banaue Pics - Again

What's good?? I hope nobody is expecting an extravagant epistle from me for this week, because I can't think of anything to say right now haha. Sorrrryyy...Here is what I wrote in my LTP:
We had still been struggling a little bit in our finding but this week I have especially been trying to push myself to become a better finder. So we did better in that aspect but I think we can still become more effective because I have kind of felt by myself in my efforts to find and that my companion is kind of just watches me sometimes...But aside from that, Elder Costacio and I are doing great in our companionship and still getting along well. We haven't had much success with our investigators lately but our work in re-activating of less actives has been going really good and we had several who came to church yesterday.

We went to the Banaue rice terraces again last Monday except we went with our actual zone this time. So here are some more pics and we'll see if I have more to say next Monday ha. Have a great week!

 Rollin' in hot

We're gonna go hit up those rice terraces at my 11 o'clock

And this is where we ended up

Elder Costacio and Sister Akau

Local kids (Not sure how they survive but they live in huts like actually ON the rice terraces) were playing around in the mud. Pretty funny stuff but don't zoom in! :)

 Tryin' to look like a cool kid

Jeepney ride home. I think they're tired?

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