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Friday, July 25, 2014

Nobody Said It Was Easy

"Nobody said it was easy." Coldplay says it as it is in their song "The Scientist". I believe LeBron James made a similar statement before he signed with the Heat. (btw lol that he is returning to Cleveland...) Anyhow, such is true in missionary work. We are still doing a lot of searching for people to teach and haven't found a ton. To paint a picture on logistics, of the 100+ members who attended church in the Cabagan ward yesterday, a total of only 5 came from the San Pablo area. However, as Jeffrey R. Holland put it: "The salvation of souls was NEVER meant to be easy."  Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, he made possible the way for every one of us to return to Him. But of course, we know that His suffering for all of our sins and pains was no easy thing. So we shouldn't expect that our work as missionaries to bring others back to Him to be a walk in the park.

Although we have been struggling a bit in the work, we did come across a light of hope this last week. We recently met Anne, who is a single mother around the age of 22. She has actually met with the missionaries before and even attended church but told us that back then she had a pretty busy schedule or something so the elders kind of stopped visiting. But we taught her this last week and she still seems pretty interested in the gospel so I think there is a lot of potential. Being a missionary can be hard. But I love it so much. And it is soo worth it. And lastly, a Happy Birthday S/O to my dear Jake 'MacDaddy' McFarland. The big 2-0. Well, hope each of you has a fantastic week. Love y'all!

P.S-Picture of the week: Last night we attended a funeral service. It was like 30 minutes away and we all had to pile into the back of a pickup truck. So that's an explanation of the following picture. Nobody else is looking at the camera. Where's Cory Adams Photography when you need it?!

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