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Monday, April 20, 2015

End of Another Cycle

Another week gone by and another cycle down. The transfer lists are in and Elder Lavelua and I will be doing another six weeks together so I'm pretty excited for that. I feel like this is the first week in a while that I really don't have anything to report on, but we are staying busy in the work and everything is going pretty good for the most part; The only thing that has been a little difficult for us is that there seems to have been some misunderstandings with some of the members and so they have been a little critical of us regarding a few things but I won't really go into that because we are trying to fix that and I think it is getting better.

Anyways, we had a few investigators at church again but we still haven't extended any baptismal dates yet. Kathlyn attended again but she usually only comes for sacrament so hopefully we can get her coming to the classes as well. We had another weeding CSP this week but this time it was at a less active family in our branch. No pics though ha, sorry!

The zone is doing good. There are only two people transferring-Elder Frank (one of the DLs is going home) and Sister Hamblin (One of the four sisters in Roxas 1st Branch) and everything else is staying the same but I guess it will be interesting to see who the two new missionaries in our zone will be. Elder Lavelua and I still get to go to Cauayan though for Transfer Day so I'm excited to see some friends around the mission I haven't seen in a while--I guess that's one of the perks about being a ZL haha. But yup, everything is going well and I'm excited for this upcoming cycle. Have a good week everyone and by the way Mom, hope you had a great birthday! 

What the ducks?

Final zone pic

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