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Monday, April 6, 2015

Splits, MLC, etc.

It's been a pretty busy week for us! We are trying to work more with each companionship in our zone so this week we went on splits twice--For the first one I was with Elder Palas. This is his first cycle in the mission but he is doing pretty good! Then I was with Elder Cruzit--I think I have mentioned him before but we were in the same ward back in Tuguegarao and he is the funniest 26-year-old I have ever met. Just listening to him makes me laugh. Both of the splits were good though.

MLC was good as well. President & Sister Rahlf as well as the APs all have a topic and that is basically the outline of what we are to teach for zone meeting (which will be tomorrow). The topics they shared to us were on planning, diving companionships, and using time wisely. There was a nice lunch and it's also fun to just kind of hang out with some of my other friends there. It's too bad that a lot of my friends who were zone leaders have either gone home or been released as ZL recently but it's all good, I still enjoyed it. During the announcements, President Rahlf also told us that effective July 1, part of our mission would be split into a newly created Philippines Tuguegarao Mission. It was set up well, complete with geographical charts and a picture of the new mission president and wife but it just turned out to be an April Fools Day joke. We all bought it though so it was pretty funny!

We also had a CSP in the sisters area pulling weeds at this one member families bukid. But yeah, everything is going good still! We are continuing to find and teach a ton of new investigators. Nobody super progressing yet but a few people who have shown potential. The only hard thing is managing our time so that we are able to see all of them throughout the week. 

Easter was good--If anyone hasn't seen the video at helives.mormon.org I would encourage everyone to check it out because it's awesome! Hope everyone had a good Easter and also Conference weekend. I'm looking forward to watching that this week! I've got some good pictures but my card isn't working right now so hopefully I'll be able to send those next week.

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