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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Meat Loaf Thief

So last week I started to tell a 'mystery story' but today I realized that I never finished it. You were all probably rather confused about why having the kitchen in a separate building is so mysterious haha. But anyways, last Sunday night, we got home from working to find that someone had visited a kitchen. No valuables were taken-just a lot of food. And they were very selective about which food they took. The thief seemed to have a preference to meat loaf, because they stole all of that. It was kind of annoying, but I also found it kind of funny and a nice little story. So that is that.

Today we got the transfer list. I was pretty much fine either way on staying or leaving but anyways, I will be spending a fourth cycle here in Angadanan. We extended a baptismal invitation to Mary Grace this last week and she says she is ready to go. Her and Jazel fellowshipped us in our work yesterday, which I think was good for them in their preparation for baptism, which we actually moved up to this upcoming Saturday the 24th, instead of the 31st. So hopefully everything goes alright with that.

Other news for the week: I went on splits with our DL Elder Young this last week, which went pretty good. (For a picture of us, refer to last week when we are kicking it on a large rock) Also, my MTC teacher Brother Ward was here in the Philippines so he shot me an e-mail and stopped by to visit. How chill is that! 

With Brother Ward

And lastly, yesterday was the baptism of Naneng Valencia. She recently turned eight years old and comes from a family of all members, but I think something is kind of wrong with tatay's hand, so they requested that I be the one to baptize her. Well that's it for now. Hope everyone has a good week!

Pagbibinyag ni Naneng (Baptism)

Last district pic

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