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Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm 19. And I'm a Dad

So the other day I woke up and realized that I was officially 19 years old. Pretty crazy to think that if it wasn't for the age change, I would still be at home right now. Thank goodness that we have a living prophet who receives revelation for our time eh? I'm old but I'm not that old; Young but I'm not that bold, am I right? 

And what did we do for my birthday? Well apparently out here, the birthday boy is the one who gets to buy the food for the party. So I bought some Tostitos chips & salsa (first time I've had that in a year), popcorn and also spaghetti which Elder Sison cooked. Saturday night after work, we invited over the Cabagan elders and one of the fellowshippers in the ward to celebrate and we just ate and played some cards. So nothing too crazy, but all in all a good time and memorable birthday to say the least. 

I like food 


As for the title, I guess my birthday present from President Rahlf is that I'm going to be father. Not literally. That would be awkward. But this cycle with Elder Sison has come to an end and I have been called to be a trainer next cycle. It is a big responsibility because for the new missionaries, we are really the ones who help them adjust to missionary life and can really pave a way and set a tone for the rest of their mission. Training will be a very different experience, but I'm excited for the new challenge. I hope I can be close to as good of a trainer as my tatay Elder Merza was to me. 

We'll miss ya Elder Sison!

We still haven't had a ton of success yet here in San Pablo-The few investigators we have, haven't been to church yet-but we're doing better. I think the area is in better shape than it was when it was when I first arrived 6 weeks ago. So hopefully me and my 'anak' (child) can continue that progression.

Another birthday present, perhaps one of the greatest of all, was the news of one of my homies back home making the decision to be baptized. As a missionary teaching others the gospel in a foreign land, it is seriously such a cool thing to hear one of your friends has accepted the same perfect gospel that only our church can offer. So to my dear pal Kevin Borland, congratulatons buddy. Love you man and I'm so proud of you!

And with that, the cycle has come to an end. Excuse me now while I give birth to my son (although I'm not sure how that process would exactly work). Thanks for the happy birthday wishes! Love, Tay Larson

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