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Monday, August 25, 2014

May Pag-Asa Palagi!

Hello everyone. It was a solid 2nd week with my child. By the way, his mission 'nanay' is the sister in the district who has been in the field the longest. So here is a little family picture: (What's funny is Sister Frame [on the right] was tied for the oldest back in my first district when I was the one being trained. However, we cleared things up that she would disown me because if my wife was also my mother, that'd be a little weird wouldn't it? That might not be funny to you guys. Just missionary humor...)

Anyways, cool little experience and some good news for this past week:
This last week, we were studying about 'my purpose' and baptismal invitations. Throughout my mission, extending baptismal dates is something I've never been super comfortable with, maybe because of fear of rejection or me feeling like they aren't ready yet, or whatever it may be. However, even though he is new, this is something that Elder Aguilar has been able to help me with. This last week, we felt prompted to give a baptismal invitation to an investigator on just the 2nd time that we visited with her, which to be honest, I have never done before. To our delight , she accepted and she also came to church yesterday, which is the first time in the two months that I've been here (and from what I understand, probably a couple even before that) that we have had an investigator at church. 

Our investigator LetLet (Filipinos are really big on the whole repeating name thing btw) is I think 18 years old. Perhaps one of the big reasons why she made it to church is she was fellow-shipped by her neighbor Imie, who is a member. As for Anne, we continue to have good lessons with her and I think her testimony of the gospel is getting stronger, but she still hasn't been able to come to church, so perhaps this is a sign that we should also be getting the members involved in helping her feel welcome.

Lately, I have been reminded that we can't control all the results because people have their agency, but through obedience and diligence we put ourselves in a position where we'll be more likely to be successful and the hard work truly does pay off; And as the title translates, there is always hope. We taught the most lessons this week than we have since I've been here in San Pablo, and we also added a few new investigators to our teaching pool; So little by little, the work is picking up in our area and we are starting to see the fruits of our labors. 

And lastly, I forgot to do so last week, but happy birthday S/O to my main man Dave. The big 45! Thanks for being a fantastic father! As for the rest of you, thank you for the constant support and prayers on the behalf of me, as well as all the other missionaries around the world. Love you all!

Picture #2: On Saturday, we had an open house for a new stake center in Tuguegarao. Here are the boys:

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