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Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy September

Ba de ya, say do you remember. Ba de ya, dancing in September. Ba de ya, never was a cloudy dayyyy (Lyrics cred to Earth, Wind, & Fire) Well it's crazy to think that the peeps are back in school already. Even while being here in the mission field, the summer just seemed to fly by. Anyways, the work here in San Pablo is continuing to pick up and go well. As we have stayed diligent, not only have we been able to teach more lessons, but have also been more successful in the finding aspect as well. I got here two months ago and there was pretty much zero investigators, but now we have a fairly decent-sized teaching pool.

Unfortunately, however, none of those investigators were able to attend church this last week. Perhaps one of the reasons is that something we have struggled with a little bit is fellow-shippers and having members present in our lessons. However, we are starting to focus on trying to get the ward members more involved and if we improve in that aspect, hopefully our investigators will be able to feel more welcome and comfortable in coming to church.

I don't have much more to say, so I apologize but I'll be keeping it short this week. Good luck to everyone starting school, and have a great week!

Picture: Last P Day we went bowling. The balls are really small and they have one worker there who manually sets up the pins by hand after each frame. Very different experience than bowling in America but a chill time for sure!

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