Hellooo everyone. If I'm not mistaken, I think 7 days just passed by again because here I am writing another e-mail. But today seems to just be one of those days that I attach part of my Letter to President and do a bit of editing in order to recap what happened for the week. (Saves time, effort, and gets the job done haha) Anyways...
All the companionships in my district are doing well and I also had the opportunity to work with all of them this past week--I went on splits with Elder Paea (he is from Tonga and has been in the field one cycles less than I have. Yet another Poly who is way chill, and confirms my desire to have a Polynesian companion at some point in my mission) and worked in their area so that I could give Elder Aguilar an opportunity to lead our area; Our splits went well and we also combined with Sister two other sisters in our district at a dinner appointment and to share a message with the family and they both seem to be doing great as well.

This last Saturday, I also had the privilege of conducting baptismal interviews out in Enrile. I really enjoy doing interviews because it is awesome to see people's testimonies and see that they are really ready to be baptized and become a member of our Church. There was a family of 5 along with their friend and even though we always try to focus on teaching families, it is kind of rare that a whole family is all able to get baptized at the same time, so I thought it was really cool to see how the gospel has changed this family's life and that their home will be one that is centered around the gospel.

As for our work in San Pablo, things are still going alright but we've had better weeks-None of our investigators made it to church this week. Also, we unfortunately won't be able to continue LetLet's baptism. I won't go into too much detail but basically she encountered a little problem and now is kind of planning to get married...Her desire to be baptized is still there and she said that she will keep coming to church, but obviously the process is gonna take a while longer now.

On Thursday, I hit 12 months here in the Philippines so that's pretty sweet I suppose. Haven't sent some pics in a few weeks so here's a few. Enjoy...Have a good week y'all! 

 A long bus ride home after our New Leader Training

 Cool guys pic after our Zone meeting

Some YW homies here in Cabagan ward