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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Spirit of Thanksgiving

Well they don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Philippines but today we got together with all the Bambang elders and celebrated it as missionaries by playing football because Thanksgiving isn't complete without the traditional tossing around of the pigskin (We play a lot of basketball but today was the first time I've played some real football since like last February haha) and then enjoying a nice meal that the some of the Filipino elders had cooked up (Unfortunately no turkey and stuffing but we did at least have ice cream and you know it's a party around here when ice cream is involved) so I'd say we had a successful celebration.

Peewee Division Championship

I don't know how I had hardly ever seen any Mormon Messages before the mission but I have grown particularly fond of them lately and I came across one from a few years ago called "In the Spirit of Thanksgiving" (hence, the title) and it helped me realize how many things we truly have to be grateful for, especially the little blessings that happen to us on an everyday basis. I am also so grateful for this gospel and the opportunity I have to be a missionary.

As for our work, things are still trekkin' along but I don't have a whole lot to report on. We tried to do some tracting this last week because we have like no investigators and we haven't been too successful with that yet but hopefully we will start being able to find some new people to teach. Yesterday there was almost 25 people at church again but that is not including the little children this time.

And fun fact for the week...I have been in Villaverde for like 3 weeks and I it wasn't until yesterday that I discovered that our shower head actually works. The water is still cold but hey, it's a shower head and I prefer it over the bucket showering that I've been doing for the last year....But yup, that's it for the week. Here are some pics of our meetinghouse. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!

Enjoying the beauty of life or something like that

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