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Monday, November 3, 2014

My Final Week in San Pablo

Well the title is kind of a spoiler alert but anyways, we had a mini zone activity earlier and we played "Sprite Pong" (the missionary version of Beer Pong haha) and then had zone lunch and announced the transfer list. I was kind of hoping to get transferred just so I could experience something different but actually expecting to stay since this was my first cycle as District Leader here and it's not uncommon for trainers to stay with their anak an extra cycle so that surprised us all a little bit.
I will miss Elder Aguilar, my district, and the people of San Pablo, but I'm excited for a new adventure in a different area and a new companion. I didn't have any baptisms in my four months here but to me that is not the important thing--Several less actives have started coming to church more consistently and I think we have also planted some seeds that hopefully other missionaries will be able to harvest at a future time. And I'm sure my anak will do a good job leading the area.

My last week here was a pretty busy one--Thursday we went on splits with our Zone Leaders. I worked with Elder Cousin in their area; He goes home in two days but he's not too trunky so I enjoyed our splits. The Cabagan elders were having a little bit of problems so on Friday I worked with Elder Monilla in San Pablo again. Saturday we had a couple of baptisms to attend and then yesterday we went to a Philippines Area Broadcast with Dallin H. Oaks as one of the speakers. There were several good talks but he focused specifically on living a "gospel culture" in our lives and get rid of things that may be traditionally accepted by a country or by society.

Elder Aguilar's first baptism in the mission
Next week I'll be coming at you from an unfamiliar land so I'll let y'all know how everything is going then. I sent a lot of pics for the week so enjoy them and have a good week. And Happy Halloween!...(although they don't really celebrate that in the Philippines)

Lunch with homies 

Chucking the deuces to San Pablo

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