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Monday, December 22, 2014

I've Been Dreaming...

...of a white...Christmas...BUT I got a green one instead. I can't believe it is already Christmas already! I do kind of miss the snow but there is an aspect about the holidays that I find pretty funny here in the Philippines and that is caroling: You know how when we go caroling back home we do it as like a ward activity and give cookies or something to the houses we sing at? Well caroling here is like a business haha. Carolers will go door-to-door like they're trick or treating and sing the same song over and over until they either get money or they have sung the chorus a few times without being acknowledged. Even while we are sitting at a fast food restaurant or waiting for a tricy, little kids will walk up to us and start singing Christmas songs and expect to get paid. I find it rather ironic and a little bit awkward sometimes haha...

Walkin' in a not-so-winter land

As for this last week, on Friday we had a zone conference which was a Christmas devotional/celebration in which President and Sister Rahlf spoke on the music of Christmas and the gifts of Christmas and then we had lunch, games, and skits that we had only 30 minutes to plan on the spot so that was really fun.
On Saturday we had a district Christmas party so all the branches had a few singing/dancing performances and that was a fun time as well. Then yesterday was Branch Conference so all the auxiliary leaders from the district came to our church meetings and there was more of them than there was actual members from Villaverde haha. And none of our investigators came either so that was a little unfortunate. But things are still going good and I also received the Christmas package this week so thank you to all my dear family for that. I will be talking to you later this week so I guess that's all I have to say for this e-mail. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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