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Monday, March 2, 2015


It's been another good week! I can't believe that February is over already! This last week we went on splits twice--Wednesday, I was with Elder Kocherhans and we worked in their area Bagabag. From being same ward while we were both being trained, same zone again in Tuguegarao and now him being my Zone Leader here in Solano, Elder Kocherhans and I have kind of 'grown up' together in the mission and become good friends so our splits were a lot of fun but he is also a great missionary and I learned a lot from him.

Thursday, we met up in Lamut because we had a lunch appointment with the Balubbal family (the house that makes me feel like I'm in America whenever we visit) and we had a barbecue there. Then Elder Navarro and I returned to Villaverde--Elder Navarro is a stud and he's still fairly new in the mission but it doesn't really seem like it anymore. This is the third time I have been on splits with him and the first two times I was trying to exercise a lot of leadership skills and help out in his training but now he is like a seasoned veteran so we had a good time.

Jessica is doing super good and still on track to be baptized this upcoming Saturday the 7th. This last week we reviewed everything that we had taught her in preparation for her baptismal interview (which is tomorrow) and it is just amazing to me to see how truly prepared she has been by the Lord to receive the gospel. We still haven't been able to actually teach her husband Mario because he works in Solano throughout the week but he joined Jessica for church again yesterday and that has been another cool thing is Mario starting to get active again throughout this process of us teaching his wife. Talk about two birds, one stone, eh?

I taught Sunday School again yesterday haha; that has been something a little different about this area. Mom you asked about the music in our branch...We have a chorister who sings the first line as a lead note and then we all sing acapella. We have a kind of out-of-tune piano but we haven't used it in sacrament meeting ever since the pianist moved out a couple months ago...To answer your other question of an experience where I have felt protected-or comforted would probably be the better word-as a missionary, I think you should refer to my e-mail back from my first area about "Drunks and Demons". Evil spirits can be some crazy ish but you gotta love the power of the priesthood haha!!

This is the last week of the the cycle so next Monday I will know if I'm being transferred or not. We are also going to Banaue again that day I think. Don't have any pics from this last week so here are a few more from Zone Conference a couple weeks ago. Have a nice week erryone!

 Elder Kocherhans and Elder Navarro are the two in front

Zone pic: "Wacky" version

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