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Monday, February 23, 2015

Zone Conference

This last week we had Zone Conference! For our Christmas Devotional we went to Santiago but this time we were just combined with Bambang Zone. It was great as always-the two subjects that President and Sister Rahlf focused on were 'eternal progression' and also sharing the light of Christ. There were several quotes that I liked but here are just a few of them:
"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always have gotten."....."It's not about being the best, it's about being better than you were yesterday."....."If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill."...And lastly, what Elder Bowen of the Seventy told us when he visited us back in December--"We are not here to maintain the Church. We are here to GROW the Church."

I think that there are times that we are doing 'enough' and we have the tendency to be content with that, but I know that we can be improving and become better every day!!....Aside from the messages, the food was good, we had a 'contacting' activity and then we wrapped things up with a testimony meeting and I also had the chance to bear mine so that was pretty sweet. 

Saturday we had a 'One Day Mission' which was the auxiliary leaders from Solano District came and presented a workshop on how to share the gospel more effectively and then we split into groups and visited less actives. I don't remember if we do anything like this in America but the concept is kind of funny to me sometimes because it is basically like choosing one day to actually do some home/visiting teaching (which they should be doing monthly anyways hahaha) but it actually turned out pretty well I'd say. 

Yesterday I talked in church about standing up for the standards of the Church in times in trial, relating the bad example of Lehonti in Alma Chapter 47 and the good one of Captain Moroni in Chapter 48....Jessica came to church with her husband here in Villaverde yesterday and I think hopefully she feels welcome here and enjoys it even though there aren't too many members and we don't meet in an actual chapel. Carl did not come this week though.

Mom you asked what has been a 'significant tender mercy' and I would probably just say not only the fact that I have felt really comfortable in the language since probably around my 1-year mark but the fact that the last few months I feel that I have really improved in my teaching skills. I don't know if I have really had a 'favorite person this week' but I got some solid pics at Zone Conference with some of my good homies so I guess that will have to do.  

Elder Taumalolo                                      Elder Cruz

                                    Sis. Pavino                         Elders Glassie and Kocherhans
                                                 Elder Glassie, Sis. Akau & Sis. Mariano

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