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Monday, February 9, 2015

Cycle 12 - Week 2

Oh sorry I forgot to mention last week but yeah, Elder Baquiran has been out almost a year now. Also of the eight elders here in Solano Zone, I go home before all of them, even though I still have 6 months left. So that is kind of weird to be one of the older guys in the mission. And also sorry that my titles haven't been all that creative lately...

Anyways, it has been a pretty good week for us. We got a few referrals from the Solano sisters and two of them are investigators that have been attending church in Solano the last few weeks but they are actually from Villaverde. Carl Louie (19 years old) and Jessica (21). Carl's girlfriend is a member in Solano. Jessica's husband is a less active in Villaverde) both came to church yesterday and they both seem like they have a lot of potential and have been very prepared to receive the gospel.

So I'd say that we have finally found some success in our finding and we have been able to teach more lessons simply because we have more people to teach. My comp still makes me laugh a lot...funny guy this one. Sometimes it seems like his desire to be more diligent is getting better but other times I feel like I am still having to push him a lot for him to be motivated. But you know, just gotta keep doin' my thang, right? We still get along fine though so everything is chill. We also ate "one day old" which basically describes itself but yeah it is a fried baby chicken that is one day old and it still has the beak and everything haha. It wasn't turrible though...So yeah, have a good week everyone. And Happy Valentines Day to all the lovebirds out there and if you're single, welllll, I guess I'll be back eventually hah. Laterz.

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