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Monday, February 2, 2015

New Comp

So like I said, I got a new companion this week. Elder Baquiran is from Manila and he is 21 years old; Our first week together was pretty good. He is a nice guy and I think he has the right desires to do what he is supposed to but I have to kind of had to push him to actually be a diligent worker. But the good thing is, he has responded pretty well as I have tried to help him and we actually ended up teaching more lessons this week than Elder Costacio and I achieved the past few weeks.

Jarone didn't come to church yesterday. It has been hard to tell how committed he is to being baptized because in the lessons when he teach him, he is fine and says that he will come to church but then when Sunday rolls around, he only comes when he feels like it and so he is not always in the mood...We haven't found many new investigators but lately we've met a few new less active members that we didn't know before so one thing we will continue to try and focus on is our re-activation efforts.

One other thing about my companion is that he is rather entertaining because he always makes me laugh even when he doesn't try to; like for example the other day we were playing checkers but then we decided we were hungry because it was time for dinner so I went into the kitchen and cooked my noodles and by the time they were ready, Elder Baquiran already fell asleep. And he also skipped breakfast that day because he took too long getting ready to go to District Meeting so he only had one meal that day hahaha. And he snores wayyy loud every night-which is something I almost forgot that people did up until this point-so I had to move my mattress into the other room haha. He's a silly one...But anyways, that's about it for this week. Have a good one everyone. I'll let you know if anything funny happens in the next 7 days or if anything chill goes down in our work. Deuces!

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