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Monday, February 16, 2015

V-Day! And Answers...

Valentines Day.... I hope you guys had a wondrous day and week. Because I love you all. :) <3 <3 #xoxoxo I, of course, didn't get to go to Tucanos and have a nice meal or anything like that, but we did have District Conference so I guess at least we kind of had a group date with all the other missionaries...But no really, it was good haha. President and Sister Rahlf came and President Rahlf spoke on the 'worth of a soul'. Sister Rahlf talked on courage. Okay Mom, I guess I will try to answer your questions now...

Our week was good. Biggest success? Hmm...finding has still been good. When I first got to this area, we literally only shared messages with members because we had no investigators but now we actually have investigators to teach. So that's nice. And they are actually interested in our message. And some are super progressing! I mentioned Jessica last week...She is super good in the lessons. Picks up way good on everything we teach her. This last week-in just the second lesson we taught her- she was asking us what she needs to do to get baptized. And she came to District Conference yesterday. Talk about golden! We extended a goal date to her for March 7th! Carl Louie also came to church yesterday but we haven't been able to actually teach him yet because he goes to college in Solano and that's where he stays throughout the week. 

As for biggest challenge...Nothing too challenging comes to mind... Jarone hasn't really been progressing lately and this last week he basically told us he wasn't really interested in listening to us anymore. So that kinda stinks when people choose to stop investigating the gospel but I guess it happens. Also having to always push my companion to stay motivated and diligent can be frustrating at times...but at least the work is still going good and I am seeing a lot of progression happening in our area. 

Spiritual prompting? Hmm. Well this was back when I was with Elder Costacio but I haven't shared this experience yet, so now that you've asked, I guess I will...One time we were on our way to a member family's house. Normally we plan what lessons or spiritual thoughts we are going to share with people, but this time we didn't have a plan and said we'd plan something later on if something came to us. Well when we were almost to their house, Ether 12:27 popped into my head but I didn't say anything. Then as we sat down before the opening prayer, Elder Costacio opens his scriptures, starts flipping the pages, then he stops and points at Ether 12:27 and asks me if he thinks that would be a good message to share. It turns out that the family had very recently had an unexpected trial come into their lives and they told us that this was exactly what they needed to hear. I thought it was really cool how the Spirit whispered the exact same thing to both Elder Costacio and I even though we didn't even talk to each other about what we were going to share beforehand.

Hope that answers your questions Madre...After that, I don't think I have anything additional to say. This week we have Zone Conference and we're also gonna go on splits so that should be fun. Oh and I know I'm not the greatest chef, but this is how I cook popcorn. I think it's pretty clever...

Orville Redenbacher is in the building

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