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Monday, May 4, 2015

An OITP Story

So our branch is leaving later today for a temple trip (By the way, the Manila temple is like 8 hours away so this is kind of a big deal that happens like once a year). Just last Sunday the members told us that we need to go and teach this 9-year-old so that he could hopefully be baptized on Saturday in order to be sealed to his family (His sister and nanay are members). But we had never even met the kid so little bit of notice would've been kind of nice, right haha?

Anyways, on Tuesday we go to his house with no idea how we are going to handle the situation but then nanay tells us that the kid is actually 8 years old. Sigh of relief because that means he is still a child of record and the ward is responsible. Thank goodness! Well it's not until Saturday morning rolls around that nanay calls and realizes that her kid is 9 years old after all so the baptism is cancelled....Like my title from a weeks ago, all those things that happened is just one of those situations that is only in the Philippines...But on the bright side, our recent convert Carmen will be going to the temple and she has some family names to do baptisms for the dead so I am happy because I know that will be a great experience for her!

This week I went on splits with Elder Pawin who was one of my former housemates back in Angadanan so that was fun. Yesterday we also had the opportunity to do the special sacrament and deliver it to the sick people who weren't able to go to the church. That is the first time I've ever done that so it was pretty cool.
One tatay who we gave it to has had sickness for a while and he has like no energy all the time so he hasn't been able to come to church for a few weeks but him and his wife have never been to the temple before. Because of Tatay's condition, this couple wasn't sure if they'd be able to join for the temple trip, but Tatay has faith that God will give him strength so that he and his wife can be sealed, so that was pretty awesome. 

But anyways, all is still well here in Roxas. Not trunky or anything but just as an update, I'm down to like 100 days left so I can hardly believe that! Gotta make every minute count as the final stretch is coming up! MLC is this week so that's always something to look forward to. But yup, have a good week everyone!

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