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Monday, May 18, 2015

More Splittin' & Chill Vibes

Hey fam! It was nice talking to y'all last Monday. Crazy to think that the next time that I will be seeing you guys will be in person! But anyways, this has been another really good week for us! We taught about thirty total lessons this week, which I have only accomplished a few times throughout my whole mission so that was good! 

Along with Kathlyn, we have another investigator who has been progressing really well lately; Her name is Joanne. She lives with her grandparents who used to be kind of less active but they have recently started to come to church again consistently. Joanne is only fifteen years old but it's amazing how well and how fast she is able to pick up on everything we teach her! Our goal is for her and Kathlyn to be baptized on the same day (May 30) but right now we are just trying to finish up all the lessons.

We went on splits twice this last week and I had the opportunity to work with both of the (American) District Leaders--Elder Brandon is from Spanish Fork and graduated the same year I did. He is a few cycles behind me but has actually been a DL for quite a while. And then this is the second time that I have split with Elder Haacke; He's from Idaho and a year younger than I am in school. Both of the splits were really good! 

Some other news for the week is that I talked in church yesterday--Sometimes speakers will not show up and then we are asked to be the replacements like right before sacrament starts. This time it was supposed to be the Relief Society's week but nobody was even assigned to be speaker so it ended up just being me, the branch president, and one of his counselors...We also had quarterly interviews with President and Sister Rahlf so nice to see them as always. And it was also zone meeting on Tuesday so that was solid... We are in Santiago again right now for our P Day so earlier we played some basketball and then came to Robinsons to see everyone. But that about sums it up for the week so have a good one everyone!

Big pizza for some big guys

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