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Monday, June 8, 2015

And my new companion is...

Elder Monilla! We were actually in the same ward together back in Cabagan and we've also been on splits so we've already kinda gotten to know each other and work together before so I was excited when I heard that he was going to be my companion. As for the biography questions, Elder Monilla is full Filipino but he grew up in Saudi Arabia so that makes two companions in a row that are "English-speaking" (He doesn't like it when I call him 'foreigner' haha). He turns 21 this upcoming week and has been in the field for a year and two months. This is his first cycle as a ZL so technically I'm 'training' him as Zone Leader but that doesn't really mean much because he's a super good missionary!
We are pretty different when it comes to personalities/interests/etc; like for example he doesn't like sports and his favorite hobby is reading but he is a super nice guy and a super hard worker so I'm glad to have Elder Monilla because he will help me to not get trunky this cycle! Haha just kidding, I'm all good! We are back to having no progressing investigators but something we have really focused on from the get go has been finding and I'm not sure if we've found anything special yet but I think there's a lot of potential out there!

Elder Latu and Elder Haacke are both training and most of the people who are new to the zone are still pretty young in the mission so I don't really know them but it seems like we've still got a pretty solid bunch. On Transfer Day, I was pretty happy because I got to see my anak Elder Aguilar for what will probably be the last time here in the mission. He is training this cycle so that means I've got a grandson now haha!

I've got pics but for some reason I let a member borrow my camera yesterday even though the Espiritu Santo told me not to, and now it's P Day and I still haven't gotten it back. So yeah, gotta remember to no make that mistake again but anyways, looks like I'll be sending those next week na lang. This week should also be really good though because we have both MLC and Zone Conference...Can't believe that the school year just ended and also that I've been done with high school for two years now but yeah, congrats to all you graduates! Mom, be sure to tell Danny and Nicole that I say thanks for the package. Or tell me their e-mail or something. Hope everyone has a nice week, and Brooke have a nice birthday as well. Love you guys!

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