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Monday, June 1, 2015

One Big Binyag

The last week of the cycle is sometimes referred to as 'trunky week' just because it means that another cycle is down and everyone is starting to anticipate for what will happen next cycle and whatnot...For us, it was a pretty fast and busy week but the highlight was obviously the baptism, and we have some good news but unfortunately we have some bad news as well.

The bad news is that Kathlyn didn't end up getting baptized because she went MIA. Her baptismal interview was on Tuesday and everything seemed like it was good to go but on Friday we went to her boyfriend's house (which is where we usually teach her) just to visit and make sure she was ready for the next day, but she wasn't there. Then Saturday rolled around and we couldn't get hold of her. And then she wasn't at church either...Turns out that apparently something happened with her and her boyfriend and she wasn't too happy with him so she was kind of avoiding him...I guess this might have been a sign that she just wasn't quite ready yet but I hope that we'll be able to sort everything out and that she truly has a desire to be baptized and it wasn't just because of her boyfriend. 

But anyways, on to the good news: The baptism itself was great! The sisters in Branch 1 had a few baptisms as well and so did the Mallig elders and since there isn't a baptismal font in Mallig, we decided to combine all three of the baptisms and have them at the same time. It was way cool to see so many people at once who were ready to accept the baptismal covenant and there was also a lot of members from the branch who were there so it was nice to have some good support for the new converts! 

"Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God." - D&C 18:10

Another thing that was super awesome was Joan's whole family was there. When we visited her on Friday, we invited her dad who is a member but he hasn't been to church in a really long time. He said he would try but didn't seem too sure because he said that he would probably be busy with work. I was so happy when he ended up coming and Joan's mom was even there was well. She's not a member and that was actually the first time that I had met her but hopefully we'll be able to start teaching her now and try to get her husband coming back to church again as well. 

Joan and her parents

And as we were pretty much expecting, Elder Lavelua is transferred so I'll be getting a new comp this week. The past two cycles have been an absolute blast but I'm excited to see who my new companion will be. There were very few transfers in our zone last cycle but now there is a transfer in every companionship so there is gonna be a lot of new faces around here. I'll hook it up with all the deets next Monday! Have a good week everyone!

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