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Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Baptism & The Legend of Balut

Well, we had a successful baptism this week. I gave a talk on Faith & Repentance, was one of the witnesses, and then confirmed Jessica yesterday at church. It was a little scary giving a blessing in Tagalog in front of the whole congregation but I know that the Spirit directed me and put words into my mouth, because I don't really remember everything I said. It was awesome for me to watch the progression of these kids in the gospel over time. 2 weeks ago, we had to re-schedule Dexter because he wasn't ready, but I have seen his knowledge and testimony grow so much since then.

Dexter and Jessica

 The one unfortunate thing, however, is that we were not able to baptize Angelo. After his interview with the Zone Leaders, they came to the decision that we should wait. Although he has support with the Adawag and Ursua family, they said it was a problem because nobody in his immediate family is a member. It was definitely devastating news for us but Angelo has such a strong testimony and even already has a desire to serve a mission, so I know that if he continues going to church and increasing his faith, he will be baptized soon enough.

We have finished our 12 weeks training and earlier today, I found that I am being transferred on Wednesday. This came as somewhat surprising news to all of us because normally the training missionary is the one who is more likely to be transferred, and honestly I was a little bummed out. In these 2 cycles, I have really come to love the ward and area here in Cabarroguis, and now I will have to re-adjust, but I guess that's how the mission field works. I have learned a lot from Elder Merza and we have developed a great friendship, but it looks like God needs me in a different area with a different companion. "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord." It might be a little difficult but I'm excited to see what this next cycle has in store for me.

Lastly, if you don't know much about the Philippines but know a random fact, it is probably about balut. And if you haven't heard of what this is, it is basically fried duck embryo still in the egg. The Philippines is famous for it and I have heard rumors and been asked about it from the time I got my call until I got to the mission field. The most 'exotic' things I have eaten so far is chicken intestine and dugaw (which is like thickened pork blood or something like that) but everyone always questions about the experiences with balut. So this last week I ate it, and you know what, it wasn't too bad. Yeah I know, anti-climatic, but I guess that is where I will end for the week. Wish me luck this upcoming cycle with my new area and comp!

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