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Monday, February 3, 2014

Work in Angadanan

Well my friends, I received a heavy dosage of complaints (well actually just from my mother) that my last letter was too short. So this week, I will just introduce you to some of the people we are teaching and how things are going in our area. And it is actually just clipped from my 'Letter to the President' because I am kind of feeling too lazy to re-write everything....Enjoy.

To begin, I would like to share about a few of the people we have taught this week. The first is one of our 'recent converts'-Analyn Manugay. She was actually baptized in 2012 but somehow still was never taught the 'New Member Lessons' and has kind of gone 'Less Active'. So this week we decided to begin re-teaching with her starting at the Restoration. The lesson went well and she is very talented and has a strong testimony still. Then yesterday, she was at church, and she also brought one of her friends.

We also had some good lessons with Less Actives this week. With one nanay, we focused specifically on the Sabbath day. At the beginning of the lesson, she told us that she always had so many things to do and after a very spiritual lesson she stated that she knew that Sunday is a day that we should dedicate to God. There were members from 5 different Less Active families at church yesterday, which I would say is really good considering we have a pretty small branch.

Our branch president has also set up a schedule that on a twice-a-week basis, we will be joining different families in our ward for their Family Home Evening and not necessarily teaching the lessons, but kind of observing and instructing how to hold FHE's. I think this will go along great with the Philippines Area Goals of strengthening the families.

Our main investigator, Sister Agustin, was at church again yesterday and has met the qualification for attendance. We teach her twice a week and the lessons go well, but she does not have a baptismal date because she is basically still in the decision process. Obviously we don't want to rush her, but I am hoping we can continue to strengthen her testimony and that she will feel ready so that we can set her up with a date in the near future.

So in a nutshell...all is going well. I have splits with Elder Bangal (the other Filipino in our apartment) this week and I am looking forward to that. To be perfectly honest, I am tighter with him than I am with my companion and his companion. Of course the other two are great, but Bangal is like a Filipino version of one of the homies back home. He reminds me of Jamo kind of. Which reminds me, I should have done it last week, but Happy Belated B-Day to my best bud Moe. Anyways, until next week!

 I saw my tatay Elder Merza at zone conference this week

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