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Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Week of Swag

Another week gone by: I think I will clip part of my LTP again to let y'all know how the work is going here...
Nothing too crazy happened this week but I feel like it went by really fast and things are still going well out here in Angadanan. A bright point is that we had 6 investigators come to church yesterday-for 4 of them it was their first time-which is more than we have been used to usually, in fact I think we haven't had any for the last few weeks. But I think that they had a good experience. We still don't have any investigators with a baptismal date, but there are a few who are showing some potential for the future.

Our church attendance has been ranging from only about 50-60 members each week so that is also something that we have been trying to work on. We are trying to get the branch more involved in home and visiting teaching and it's been a little difficult, but President Palay visited last week and talked to us so hopefully that will help us improve. We need to help rescue those who have gone less active because I'd say it is just important to bring someone back to the gospel as it is for them to accept it for the first time and be baptized. It is also crucial for the new members to have an ongoing conversion and to continue to be strengthened in the gospel instead of just being baptized and then falling away. 

Yeah that's about it. Same old, same old I guess. Saturday we had a big rain and wind storm but besides that, it has been freakishly hot lately. So my mugshot is my nice summer attire that I purchased recently. We also had FHE at Bro. and Sis. Pasion's house this last week and I gave the lesson and shared from 3 Nephi 12:14-16. They are an active couple but I stressed the importance of member missionary work. As members of the church, each one of us has the light that the verses refer to. We need to let that shine and be an example to others.

Stayin' fresh

Anyways, it's really crazy how fast time is going by. The school year is almost over for my friends back in the Grove. Which means prom should be coming up right, so if you haven't asked someone yet, get on that homeboys! As always, I send my love from here in the Philippines. Hope everyone's next 7 days go absolutely fantastic. May swag be ever present in the lives of each of you. Keep it chill.

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