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Monday, June 9, 2014

Sacrament Meeting

Hey folks, how is everything going now that school is out? Well things are still just lovely out here. This week a sister in our branch received her mission call to Cagayan de Oro (another place in the Philippines). The excitement she had when she received it brought me back to a time a little over a year ago when I opened my call. And now some of my younger friends are just getting ready to leave, so I hope you are all preparing well for what will become the best two years of your life!

Yesterday, President and Sister Rahlf showed up in Angadanan for sacrament meeting, so we had the privilege to hear from them both. I always love it when I have the chance to hear them speak, so yesterday was great. Sis. Rahlf talked about Christlike love. President Rahlf talked about the importance of the sacrament. Something he said that stuck out to me is this: Heavenly Father lets people change. Every week, through the sacrament, we have the sacred opportunity to renew the covenants we made at baptism and remember our Savior Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice for us. A chance to start over for the week and be forgiven. Hopefully, if for no other reason, we attend church in order to partake of the sacrament and receive all those promised blessings that come in doing so. There is a reason Jesus instilled the sacrament just hours before he would be crucified. Hopefully we all remember these things each time we go to church and as we take the sacrament.

Before sacrament meeting yesterday, one of the crazy old tatays in our branch was asking me things like, "Who is richer-Barrack Obama or President Rahlf?" Taking just a guess, I said Obama and then he answered, "Well Mitt Romney is probably richer than both of them because of tithing." He also asked "Who is more powerful-Jesus Christ, Gordon B. Hinkley or President Rahlf?" When I said Jesus Christ of course, he responded, "But I thought President Rahlf will never die." It was a rather funny conversation with Tatay Pabz, but sometimes I really wonder where people get some of their thoughts hahaha.

Anyways, as for our investigators, unfortunately Miracle didn't show up to church, so we will have to set a new baptismal date.We recently started teaching Mary Grace's 17-year-old brother Glenn and yesterday he came to church. By the way, I do have pictures from her and Jazel's baptism, but for some reason I have been unable to send pics lately. I will keep working to try and figure out this problem but until then...sorry guys, no pictures. Have a good week everybody. I love you all!

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