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Monday, June 30, 2014

Transferred na Ako!

That's right folks. The news is in. Elder Larson's time in Angadanan has come to an end. And normally we don't figure out our areas and companions until the day of transfers, which is Wednesday, but I found out that information a few days early because I've got my sources haha. Just kidding, actually it is because last night President Rahlf called me because I have a "special assignment". Usually he makes these calls to inform us of an upcoming situation that might be a little bit challenging, but I'm actually pretty excited and ready to see what this upcoming cycle has in store.

By the way, my next area is in Tuguegarao zone, which is the hottest part of the mission and also one of the hottest places in the whole Philippines. The average temperature during March and April is 100 degrees but luckily those months are over. So yah, wish me luck with that haha.
As for this last week in Angadanan, well same old same old I guess. Being in the same house as someone who is in the last week of their mission can make one feel a bit 'trunky' at times haha, but everything is chill. I be ight. A good news-bit is that yesterday Glen (the brother of our recent convert Mary Grace, who I am still trying to acquire a picture of for you guys) attended church for the fourth consecutive time. He also expressed a desire to us that he wanted to be baptized, so even though I won't be here, I am confident and hopeful that Elder Mabini and his new companion will be able to baptize Glen this cycle, and he will become a good addition to the Angadanan Branch which is in need of some worthy priesthood holders.

I'd say that's it for now but anyways, have a good 4th of July everyone! Unfortunately I won't be watching any fireworks or doing any celebrating because guess what-That's an American holiday. However, the birthday of my beloved home country (fun fact: To this day, I still get asked questions about life in Japan, but I've never been there so...) will still be in my heart and if I hear anyone talking about the world cup, (Not sure about that one either. I don't think Filipinos are huge on soccer? Could be wrong) I will be sure to try and put in a few good words for U-S-A. Peace out, for now.

With our fellowshippers - we like to teach the gospel and stuff.

Random pic with like 1/3 of our zone

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