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Monday, June 2, 2014

E.Larson's Chill Wise Words-Act!

Time is seriously a blur. First of all, a lot of my younger homies just graduated and are getting ready to go on their missions. (Congrats to my man Jeffrey, heading to Texas!) It seems like not too long ago that I and my friends were in that same place. Now some of them are coming up on their one year marks. Second of all, another week flew by where I'm not really sure what I should say. Umm I saw my pal Elder Bangal earlier today for the first time since February and he asked me if I had lost weight. I hadn't noticed anything but I guess a fun fact for you all is that I'm not fat. So that's a good thing.

As far as the work, one thing we are focusing on is teaching Jazel and Mary Grace the recent converts lessons. Both of them bore their testimonies yesterday and I hope we can help them to continue in their progression of the gospel, because as I've said, baptism is not the end. It's only the beginning! Also, we have an investigator named Miracle (20 years old) that we started teaching lately and she has been very receptive. We even discussed a baptismal date and she seemed excited about it, but she will need to show her commitment through church attendance.

I restarted the Book of Mormon again a few weeks ago. You seriously can't get enough of this book! But anyways, my ultimate goal is actually to read it from cover to cover in Tagalog. It's been a little tricky and I certainly won't be finishing it any time soon, but wish me luck haha. However, since I don't have much else to say for the week, I guess I will leave you with this spiritual thought that I really like:
It is found in 1 Nephi 16:18-23, 28. At this point in time, Lehi's sons are hunting for food in the wilderness when-what do you know-Nephi's bow and arrow breaks. What rotten luck eh? So Nephi's brothers are not too happy with him. Even his father Lehi, who is a prophet, begins to murmur against the Lord because of their afflictions. But what does Nephi do? In verse 23, it tells us that he goes out and makes a new bow and arrow and reports to Lehi to ask him where he should go to hunt for food. What a boss!

Now, let's apply this to our lives. How often do trials come into our lives and we start to wonder why these things are happening. Sometimes we may even be as Laman and Lemuel, and place the blame on God. However, let us be more like Nephi, who went out and did something about his problem. In verse 28 of this same chapter, we read of the Liahona, which pointed the direction where Nephi should go for food, but only because of the faith and dilligence in which he displayed. When we have problems or hardships, it is for a purpose. They are all part of God's plan. He wants to help us, but we need to do our part and ACT. Complaining won't solve the problem. We must show our faith and diligence and then we can overcome anything through his help. Love you all! H.A.G.S! (Hopefully on Yearbook Day, you put more effort into your messages than saying have a good summer, but really guys, enjoy it!)

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